Hospital da Luz in Highlight at Portuguese Congress of Cardiology


The Cardiovascular Centre from Hospital da Luz Lisboa was in highlight at the Portuguese Congress of Cardiology, the major annual meeting of physicians of the specialty, that took place between 28 and 30 April, at Palácio de Congressos do Algarve, in Albufeira.

Besides multiple sessions for the presentation of scientific communications, the congress integrated for the first time a panel – designated “In my service, I do…” –, giving the opportunity to physicians from nine hospitals to talk about their most relevant activities.
“A LIGHT on the future of cardiology. So far and so close” was the motto for the presentations made by the representatives from Hospital da Luz, physicians Daniel Ferreira (coordinator of Clinical Cardiology and director of the Digital Clinical Centre), Pedro Aragão (coordinator of the Cardiac Rhythm Centre) and Ricardo Arruda Pereira (cardiothoracic surgeon).

Focusing on what differentiates the service, the three physicians talked about the clinical interventions they perform in their respective areas, which take place with no physical contact with the patient: distance consultations made in the scope of the Digital Clinical Centre, interventional arrhythmology with radionavigation and cardiac robotic surgery.

In a time where questions arise about the potential negative impact of the increasing resort to new technologies on the relationship doctor-patient, setting them apart, these three areas prove the contrary, as Daniel Ferreira explained: “It is thanks to modern technology, in these cases used with no physical contact, that we provide better healthcare, offering more safety and comfort to patients, and even reinforcing their relationship with doctors”.

Promoted by the Portuguese Society of Cardiology, this was the largest congress of cardiology ever, with about 2.700 participants, over 100 scientific sessions and 400 speakers.
In the meeting, participated many other cardiologists from Hospital da Luz units, as moderators and speakers.
Daniel Ferreira, vice-president of the Portuguese Society of Cardiology, integrated the organizing and scientific committee of the congress and will be the president of the next meeting, in 2019.