Hospital da Luz Receives Valmor Award in Architecture

The Hospital da Luz, the premier hospital of the Espírito Santo Saúde Group, won the Valmor Award 2007, one of the most prestigious national awards for architecture.

The award, given by the Lisbon City Council, and determined by a committee comprised of various personalities in the arts, was received by Manuel Salgado, the principal architect responsible for the hospital project, which was based on a functional program developed by Albert Pineda.

The Hospital da Luz is the most modern private health facility in the country, combining medical excellence and technological innovation with a unique architecture that facilitates the integration of new technologies and ensures the safety, comfort, and privacy of patients.

The building is itself an example of technological innovation, as described by Manuel Salgado himself, having been built on a system of rubber elastic supports, which confers a heightened resistance against damage to the building from an earthquake. The Hospital da Luz is therefore one of the safest places in Lisbon in the event of an earthquake in the capital.

This prize has been awarded to the most notable and distinguished Portuguese architects who contributed to building the city of Lisbon since the beginning of the twentieth century. The award for the Hospital da Luz is the second Manuel Salgado has received in his career. 

The Lisbon City Council, after a pause for some years, has recently begun to offer the Valmor award again. This year, the awards for 2007, 2008 and 2009 were announced. In addition to the Hospital da Luz, the Cais de Sodré Metro Station (2007) by Teotonio Pereira and Pedro Botelho, and the Terreiro do Paço Metro Station (2009) by Artur Rosa were also announced. This is the first time the Awards jury for the Valmor distinguished architectural projects for Lisbon’s Metro stations.