Hospital da Luz Ensures Medical Assistance to the 13th Corrida do Benfica

Hospital da Luz, Sport Lisboa e Benfica’s official medical service provider, will ensure for the fifth consecutive year clinical assistance to Corrida do Benfica – António Leitão, a race event in its 13th edition, happening on April 8. The 10 km-long race organized by Benfica is destined to all athletes, federated and non-federated, physically fit for these kind of events and dully enrolled.

Besides the main race, starting at 10:30, the program includes Légua António Leitão, a race/walk event with no competitive goal and an extension of 5 km, starting at 10:45. In this event, everyone physically fit and over 14-years-old may participate.

Both races start in Avenida Marechal Teixeira Rebelo, near Hospital da Luz Lisboa, entering Benfica’s Stadium and ending in Praça Centenário, outside Benfica’s Stadium. In both races, the participants enter the stadium, around kilometre 3, the path being the same until reaching Av. Machado dos Santos, which will then be followed by the participants in Légua António Leitão towards the finish line.

The day before, on April 7, Corrida da Pequenada will take place, with an extension between 0.4 km and 1.6 km, destined to young participants, from 7 to 17 years-old. The race will take place at Benfica’s Stadium, starting at 11:00.

Hospital da Luz will be one of the main sponsors and will install, near the finish line, an assistance centre equipped with medical and nursing professionals.
On April 8, there will be five ambulances stationed in different points of the race path.