Hospital da Luz Implements a Cisco Solution

The Hospital da Luz has implemented advanced access control technology, Biomedical Network Admission Control from Cisco for enhanced security in their information systems.

Hospital da Luz relies heavily on its information technology networks which affect everything from medical records to voice communications, imaging systems, billing and appointment systems. All these functions are vital for the operations of the hospital, making protection against possible attacks from hostile users a continuous endeavor. Cisco has provided a solution that deals with computer access, information permissions, equipment monitoring, among other features that will raise the level of protection and enhance the management of these systems. 

On this subject, Ivo Antao, Executive Board Member of Espírito Santo Saúde states:

"... the benefits of this solution are more security and more flexibility, accompanied by a transparent and easy platform for the users and better management of infrastructure and network resources on the part of IT. Cisco is a reliable partner, helping to solve problems and pave the way forward in this critical project. "

Cisco has published an article on the implementation of this solution at the Hospital da Luz, within their Success Stories. Download Article published by Cisco.