Hospital da Luz Lisboa acquires new surgical robot and robotic operating table

Hospital da Luz Lisboa reinforces investment in differentiation technology with the recent acquisition of the new Da Vinci Xi robotic surgical system and Trumpf TruSystem 7000dv operating table for robotic surgery, the latter being a unique equipment in the country.

The new robotic surgical system Da Vinci Xi has several features that represent a significant evolution comparatively to the previous model, allowing surgeries with an even higher level of complexity. The new architecture of the arms and instruments of the robotic system, lighter and thinner, as well as a more compact design, allow a higher extent of movement of the equipment, of great advantage to surgeons, in terms of procedure, and to patients, in terms of less invasive surgeries and, therefore, less traumatic and allowing quicker recovery. The robot now installed at Hospital da Luz Lisboa includes a simulator module, so that surgeons can practice different surgical procedures.

Another innovation is the operating table Trumpf TruSystem 7000dv for robotic surgery, a unique equipment at national level that complements the Da Vinci Xi robotic surgical system. With this operating table, the surgeon may, if necessary, alter the positioning of the patient during surgery, without interrupting the surgical procedure, as the robot arms accompany the alteration of the table position.

It is worth mentioning that Hospital da Luz Lisboa was, in June 2010, the first hospital to install the Da Vinci robotic surgical system in Portugal, having already performed about 800 robotic surgeries, 75% of which in the oncologic area.

Until present, Hospital da Luz Lisboa is the only hospital, at national level, with resident surgical teams with large experience in robotic surgery in the specialties of urology and general surgery, having started more recently programs of cardiac and thoracic robotic surgery. The main oncologic robotic surgeries performed at Hospital da Luz Lisboa were interventions on prostate, kidney, bladder, rectum, colon, liver and lung cancer.

Minimally invasive surgery was, since the beginning, one of the major purposes of Hospital da Luz Lisboa, for the permanent innovation associated, for the variety of areas of application and for the advantages for patients, society and healthcare financing institutions.

The 2010 investment in Da Vinci robotic surgical system has enabled Hospital da Luz surgeons to develop a consistent and increasingly intensive work of learning and acquisition of know-how, in minimally invasive surgical techniques. In this hospital, numerous procedures of high complexity are performed regularly, resorting to minimally invasive surgery, namely robotic surgery. The knowledge, acquired experience and investment on medical and nursing teams training, always with this kind of surgical approach in view, turned Hospital da Luz Lisboa a reference in the field of minimally invasive surgery and robotic surgery.

Created in 2013, the Center of Robotic and Minimally Invasive Surgery of Hospital da Luz Lisboa is equipped with the more modern technologic resources, as well as professionals of internationally recognized experience and competence in the area of minimally invasive surgery and robotic surgery.