Hospital da Luz Lisboa and Hospital Beatriz Ângelo Perform Innovative Surgery For Rectal Cancer Treatment

The Belgian physician Joep Knoll, specialist in colorectal surgery, was in Lisbon last March to assist two surgeries performed by physicians from Hospital da Luz Lisboa and Hospital Beatriz Ângelo (HBA), where an innovative technique of rectal cancer treatment was applied, Joep Knoll being one of its major specialists in the world.

The surgeons of the two units of Luz Saúde group received training last months from the Belgian expert, the two surgeries being the first performed by Hospital da Luz Lisboa and HBA teams, using this innovative technique.

The two patients, a 62-year-old man operated in the morning at Hospital da Luz Lisboa, and a 76-year-old woman operated at HBA in the afternoon, were released from hospital less than a week after their respective interventions and are recovering well.

The technique now used by Portuguese surgeons – transanal total mesorectal excision (TATME) – allows safer surgical results, once unlike the traditional approach it eases total removal of the tumor and surrounding tissue, thus reducing the risk of recurrence. Additionally, it is a less invasive surgical approach, ensuring better functional results for patients and considerably reducing the risk of compromising fecal and urinary functions and sexual potency.

These surgeries were performed by Paulo Roquete, Susana Ourô, Joep Knoll, César Resende, at Hospital da Luz Lisboa, and João Maciel at HBA. In both interventions, Paulo Roquete and the Belgian physician were responsible for the surgery transanal aspect, and Susana Ourô and César Resende at Hospital da Luz Lisboa and João Maciel at HBA, were responsible for the surgery abdominal aspect. With both teams acting simultaneously, the surgical duration was considerably reduced, as well as the anesthesia duration, with obvious benefits for patients, and the use of operating room resources.