Hospital da Luz Lisboa is the Most Praised in the Country

Hospital da Luz Lisboa is the health unit with more words of appraisal from patients sent to the Health Regulatory Authority, during the first semester of 2017.

With 327 appraisal registered by ERS, the Hospital da Luz Lisboa was the hospital of the country most praised by its clients, highlighted from the other most praised public or private hospitals.

These results are in line with those registered in the same period of 2016. The most praised services are Internment, Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, Imaging, Permanent Medical Assistance and Surgical Day Hospital.

It is also notable that in the total of 4.165 appraisals submitted to the Health Regulatory Authority, in the aforesaid period, 9% concern Grupo Luz Saúde units – mostly regarding the performance of clinical and non-clinical teams.

Therefore, all collaborators that contribute, day after day, to Hospital da Luz network client’s satisfaction deserve to be congratulated.