Hospital da Luz Lisboa, the First Private Hospital Receiving a Neurology Intern

Hospital da Luz Lisboa is the first private hospital in the country being attributed by the Portuguese Medical Association with a Neurology Residency vacancy, for 2017.

The attribution of this vacancy comes in the sequence of the recognition by the Portuguese Medical Association of its training competence in the speciality, asserting that Hospital da Luz Lisboa meets the requirements (activity, casuistry and complexity of cases) established for the training of medical specialty interns, subsequently to the hospital request and respective process of evaluation.

It is worth mentioning that, since 2013, Hospital da Luz Lisboa provides residency training in the areas of Internal Medicine, Nuclear Medicine, Pathological Anatomy, Medical Oncology and Anesthesiology, now joined by Neurology, from 2017 on.

Next year, Hospital da Luz Lisboa will offer two vacancies in the specialities of Anesthesiology and Internal Medicine, and one vacancy in the areas of Nuclear Medicine, Medical Oncology, Pathology and Neurology.