Hospital da Luz Lisboa Installs CT Unique in the Iberian Peninsula

TAC Hospital da Luz Lisboa

The Imaging Center of Hospital da Luz Lisboa received recently a state-of-the-art equipment in computed tomography from Siemens Healthineers.

This is the first equipment of the kind in the Iberian Peninsula, allowing Hospital da Luz Lisboa to reinforce its capacity of highly differentiated diagnosis, to great advantage of its clients.

The new system allows:

  • Reduce the radiation dose up to 50%, in comparison to other advanced systems
  • Perform exams to babies and children with no need of sedation
  • Better results in the precise and quick diagnosing of different pathologies, with low radiation doses
  • Better efficacy in clinical decision making in areas such as oncology, cardiology, urology or pediatrics

The incomparable speed of acquisition of the new CT equipment (making exams in less than 3 seconds), allows babies and children to be examined with no need of sedation. With advantages also in the examination of patients with respiratory problems, elderly or emergency patients.

The new equipment uses only 50% of the radiation dose, in comparison to other advanced systems, allowing Hospital da Luz Lisboa do take a big step in the early detection of pathologies such as lung and colon cancers.

In cardiology, the new equipment allows patients with high and irregular heart rate to obtain a quick and precise diagnosis, supported by dual-source technology.

The equipment also presents great advantage to all patients with renal problems, allowing high quality images with less contrast agent.

The installation of the equipment is part of a plan of investment of about 10 million Euros in clinical high-technology in units of the Hospital da Luz network, which will be developed in the following months and previews the installation of new imaging equipment in Hospital da Luz Arrábida, Aveiro, Setúbal and Póvoa do Varzim, as well as in Clínica de Oeiras, Cerveira and Amarante.