Hospital da Luz Lisboa Already Performed 1.000 Robotic Surgeries

Hospital da Luz Lisboa has just reached 1.000 robotic surgeries. The great majority of these interventions was performed for the treatment of oncologic diseases, in the areas of urology, general surgery and thoracic surgery, among others.

Hospital da Luz Lisboa was the first hospital to perform robotic surgeries in Portugal, in June 2010. In 2016, a second surgical robot was acquired. The surgical medical teams are resident in Portugal and have large experience in robotic surgery, being coordinated by Kris Maes. Shortly, gynaecological and thyroid pathologies will also offer this surgical approach.

“Reaching a thousand surgeries reflects the excellence of work and training we develop here”, highlights Kris Maes.

Robotics is, from the very beginning, one major area of investment in Hospital da Luz Lisboa, for the constant innovation associated, the variety of areas of application and the advantages for patients.

Which allowed surgeons to develop consistent work in minimally invasive and highly complex surgical techniques, becoming a reference in terms of training.

In April this year, Hospital da Luz obtained certification by the European Association of Urology, as training centre in urologic robotic surgery (ERUS Reference Training Centre).

This is the first centre in the Iberian Peninsula to receive such accreditation, joining other existent centres in Europe, also being acknowledge as training centre in the area for professional