Hospital da Luz Lisboa will be Educational Pole and Motor of Research and Innovation

“The challenge was magnificent at all levels” and “this was a work that marked us all forever”, but Hospital da Luz Lisboa is already “opening doors to the future”, highlighted Isabel Vaz at the ceremony that celebrated, yesterday, the 10th anniversary of the institution.

The Luz Saúde CEO defined the objectives clearly: “In 2018, Hospital da Luz Lisboa will continue to project Portugal as pole of development of new educational models for health professionals, and as motor of research, innovation and entrepreneurism, transforming knowledge in a transactional industry and bringing wealth to our country”.

To achieve this goal, she explained, “three principles will continue to guide our positioning in the health sector: team medicine and multidisciplinary cooperation, in a context of clinical management oriented by disease and centred on patient; technology and innovation potentiated by talent and continuous investment in training and clinical research; and personalized medicine based, above all, on the inviolable relation of trust between the physician and the patient, now potentiated by the technologies of clinical genetics and computerized medicine, which allow improved clinical efficacy, either at the level of disease prevention, either at the level of therapeutic strategy.”

Acknowledgement to patients and all those “who believed”

In this day of anniversary, Isabel Vaz resolutely thanked “above all, patients and their families, for the trust and high exigency” they place on all professionals of Hospital da Luz Lisboa and Luz Saúde. 

As for these, she praised the work they have been developing. “The Luz Saúde Complex represents the larger investment ever made in the area of private health in Portugal and introduced an entirely innovative concept, in terms of integration of care. (…) After almost 17 years, Luz Saúde Group has become an undeniable reference in the health sector, having strongly and exemplarily contributed for the valorisation of private initiative in our country.”

The acknowledgements of Luz Saúde CEO were also directed to all those who have supported the Hospital “and who believe in our future”. She highlighted, namely, suppliers and institutional clients, founding shareholders and, in particular, Ricardo Salgado (“for the vision inspired on us and for the trust in our capacity to materialise it”), the current president of Lisbon City Council, Fernando Medina, and his predecessor, António Costa (“for believing in the value of entrepreneurism and of the health sector as source of wealth, knowledge and progress for the city of Lisbon and Portugal”). 

She also thanked the current shareholders, Fidelidade (“for the stake in the future, for the commitment in a long-term strategy, and for the trust”) and Fosun (“for firmly believing in the future of Portugal, enabling us to nourish the ambition of becoming a platform of globalization and projection of knowledge to the world”).

Isabel Vaz further referred a “very special collaborator” present at the ceremony, who before becoming President of the Republic, and merely as professor Marcelo, was a volunteer in the Unit of Palliative Care, “where, away from media and social networks, made dozens of people feel special and believe that their life was worth living until the very end”.

Fidelidade reaffirms commitment

Also Jorge Magalhães Correia, president of Luz Saúde and president of Fidelidade executive board, emphasized the path already covered: “I would like to acknowledge all thecollaborators of this Hospital. Without their effort and enthusiasm, this project wouldn’t be possible”. 

“All those who visit us say that this is a high-tech hospital; I use to say that this is a “high-touch” hospital, considering the concern and human warmth placed in the relationship with patients”, he added. After praising the founding nucleus, from Espírito Santo Saúde, for the decision to launch the Hospital, Magalhães Correia stressed the commitment of Fidelidade Group, which in 2014 acquired Luz Saúde, to continue to foster the growth of the group, having announced “the intention to acquire two more hospitals”.

Among the individualities present at the ceremony were Lingjiang Xu and Wai Lam Mak, members of Fidelidade Management Board.

“Insurance and health are distinct sectors, but pursuing a common goal, which is to provide the best healthcare to those who need it”, concluded Magalhães Correia.