Hospital da Luz Lisboa Organizes 3rd Symposium on Anesthesia

The Department of Anesthesiology from Hospital da Luz Lisboa organizes, September 30, its 3rd Symposium on Anesthesia.

In the sequence of the previous editions, where anesthesia in hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery (2013) and in robotic surgery (2015) was discussed, the challenge is now to debate anesthesia “adapted” to the patient and to what extent this should be monitored.

“The question is to know how we can conciliate safety of procedures and welfare of a particular patient. While for safety there is a whole series of guidelines, for the welfare of a particular patient we have to monitor and consider his specificities. Only when we respect rules and protocols and, at the same time, the singular characteristics of each individual, will we achieve quality”, highlights Cristina Pestana, anesthesiologist and assistant-coordinator of the Department of Anesthesiology from Hospital da Luz Lisboa, who runs the committee organizing this symposium.

Throughout one day, in the multipurpose room from Casas da Cidade de Lisboa (adjoining building to Hospital da Luz), specialty physicians, nurses and health professionals, including students, will have the opportunity to hear 21 Portuguese and foreign specialists with large experience in the area, as well as discussing clinical cases.

The 3rd Symposium on Anesthesia from Hospital da Luz Lisboa counts with the scientific sponsorship of SPA, the Portuguese Society of Anesthesiology, whose president, Rosário Órfão, will give the opening conference, entitled “Ver para além dos olhos ou como o anestesiologista não é um super-herói com superpoderes” (To see beyond vision or how the anesthesiologist is not a superhero with superpowers).

Jan Poelaert (director of the Department of Anesthesiology from University Hospital Brussels), Pedro Amorim (chief of the Anesthesiology Service, Intensive Care and Emergency from Hospital de Santo António, Oporto), Clara Lobo (Hospital da Prelada, Oporto) and Albert Dahan (director of Leiden University Medical Centre, Holland) will be other speakers. The closing conference will be the responsibility of Marc Iravani, from UCLA Medical Centre (USA).