Hospital da Luz Lisboa Performs First Robotic Pulmonary Surgeries in Portugal

Fernando Martelo, surgeon and director of the thoracic surgery service at Hospital da Luz Lisboa, performed on June 2, at this hospital, the two first pulmonary surgeries in Portugal supported by Da Vinci robotic surgery system.

Fernando Martelo was assisted by Professor Christophe Doddoli, French surgeon of the thoracic surgery service of Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Marseille.

The oncologic surgeries consisted in the removal of lung tumors, in both patients. In the first case, a 60-year-old man, non-smoker, had a small lung tumor. It was removed for immediate anatomopathological examination, which revealed it to be benign. The second patient, a 68-year-old man, smoker, had a lung cancer already diagnosed, in early stage. The tumor was removed together with the upper third of the lung, with a complete oncological surgery adequate to the situation also being executed, including excision of all mediastinal ganglia.

Hospital da Luz Lisboa was, in June 2010, the first hospital to install the Da Vinci robotic surgery system in Portugal, having already performed around 700 robotic surgeries, 75% of which in the oncologic area.

Until present, Hospital da Luz Lisboa is the only establishment, at national level with resident surgical teams highly experienced in robotic surgery in the specialties of urology and general surgery, having recently initiated the programs of robotic cardiac and thoracic surgery. The main robotic oncological surgeries performed at Hospital da Luz Lisboa were interventions to prostate, kidney, bladder, rectum, colon and liver cancers.