Hospital da Luz – Awarded Best Company in Healthcare Sector

On January 17, 2012, the magazine Exame 500 Maiores & Melhores announced that the Hospital da Luz had been awarded Best Company in the Health Sector

This distinction, which is a great honor for the Hospital da Luz and the holding company, Espírito Santo Saúde, reflects the results achieved through the investment in innovative technology available for clinical application, high performance information and communication systems, the hospitals model of clinical governance and operational management, as well as, the quality, experience and commitment of all its professionals.

According to the magazine Exame the best companies in 27 sectors were evaluated according to eight criteria - sales growth and profits, return on sales, equity and profits, solvency, liquidity and gross value added by sales. These criteria were used to assess the contribution to the economy from each company under consideration for the award, evaluate their dynamism, measure profitability, financial stability, and their ability to meet the needs of various stakeholders in the economy - bankers, shareholders, employees, managers, suppliers, customers and consumers.