Hospital da Luz in the European Congress of Internal Medicine

The Internal Medicine department of the Hospital da Luz participated in the 12th European Congress of Internal Medicine , held in Prague (Czech Republic), with the presentation of 4 studies – one oral communication and three posters, all coauthored by the department’s interns:

A new look on Staphylococcus bloodstream infections
João Melo Alves, Vanessa Carvalho, Pedro Mota, Bernardo Neves, Natália Marto, João Sá

Acute generalized exanthematous pustulosis - case report
Pedro Mota, Filipa Malheiro, Campos Lopes, Vanessa Carvalho, Bernardo Neves, João Alves, Alexandra Horta, João Sá

Tight with heart
Vanessa Novais de Carvalho; Alexandra Bayão Horta; Pedro Mota; Bernardo Neves; João Alves; João Sá

Community-acquired penumonia: current management in an internal medicine ward
Bernardo Neves, Pedro Mota, João Alves, Vanessa Carvalho, Pedro Sarmento, Alexandra Bayão Horta, João Sá

The European Congress of Internal Medicine is held annually by the European Federation of Internal Medicine, a scientific organization that has the objective to promote Internal Medicine at a scientific, ethical and professional level, which presently includes 33 internal medicine societies from various countries, with a total of more than 33.000 physicians.