Hospital da Luz involved with InAnestesia 2015

Joana Jones and João Gouveia, the first interns in anesthesiology at Hospital da Luz, participated in InAnestesia 2015, a course of intensive theoretical and practical training, which aims to provide the first contact for young doctors in this specialism. Cristina Pestana, Deputy Coordinator of Surgery and the Department of Anesthesiology at Hospital da Luz, was one of the trainers on this course.

With sponsorship from the Portuguese Medical Association and Portuguese and European Societies of Anesthesiology, InAnestesia was created in 2011 from a partnership between several hospital services in this field and has been growing, both in the number of interns participating and in the number and quality of the trainers.

The latest issue of the Portuguese Medical Association Journal devotes several pages to InAnestesia 2015, interviewing some of the interns from Anesthesiology who participated in the course, in an article entitled 'One day will all specialisms start like this?'.