Hospital da Luz in the Top 20 Most Attractive Employers

Hospital da Luz is in the top 20 most attractive companies to work for in Portugal, according to a survey conducted by Randstad, a human resources company.

The Randstad Employer Brand Research is an independent study of branding employer promoted by Randstad over more than 15 years in 25 countries, and in Portugal since 2016.

The survey involved 7000 people, a representative sample of the Portuguese active population. The participants were asked to evaluate nine parameters, considered the major indicators of employer attractiveness: financial health, career progression, work safety, environmental and social responsibility, stimulating work, work ambience, balance between work and personal life, reputation and use of the most recent technology.

Hospital da Luz was rated in the group of the 20 best classified companies, together with ANA, Banco de Portugal, Bosch, CTT, Hovione, EDP, Fujitsu, Nestlé, Nokia, Ogma, Pestana, RTP, Siemens, Sumol + Compal, The Navigator Company, and Volkswagen. Special distinction was given to the top three companies with best global classification: Microsoft (1st place), Delta Cafés (2nd place) and TAP (3rd place).

Globally, the study concluded that the areas of health, information technologies, consultancy, tourism, hospitality and leisure were the most attractive to employees (on the other hand, retail is the most recognized sector in terms of brands/companies, but the less attractive to work in).

Aspects such as long term work safety, balance between work and personal life, and pleasant work ambience were the most valued.