Hospital da Luz Oeiras Provides Medical Assistance to Corrida do Tejo


Hospital da Luz Oeiras will coordinate and provide full medical assistance during the next edition of Corrida do Tejo, taking place on September 24.

The course, along Avenida Marginal (N6), in a total distance of 10 km, starts in Algés, at 10:00 a.m. near the train station, and ends in Praia da Torre. 

Hospital da Luz Oeiras will have a medical and nursing team placed in different points of the race way and a field hospital/unit near the finish line. This is the first time that Hospital da Luz will join this event organized by Oeiras City Council, already in its 37th edition, and which became a tradition among the Lisbon region population, both for race enthusiasts and professional athletes.

Hospital da Luz Oeiras has just opened, near Parque dos Poetas, a new area of healthcare, in a building made from scratch which allowed to enlarge the space for consultations, examinations, surgeries and inpatient care.