Hospital Luz Reinforces Gastroenterology Area with High-Tech Equipment

Hospital da Luz recently reinforced Gastroenterology and Digestive Endoscopy equipment, more specifically in the digestive echo-endoscopy area, with a new high-tech image processor, unique in the Iberian Peninsula.

Digestive echo-endoscopy is presently considered a particularly valuable technique in diagnosis and in some digestive, pancreas and biliary canals therapeutic interventions.

It’s a technique of diagnosis and/or therapeutics which combines endoscopy and echography, that can be applied by oral route (high echo-endoscopy) or rectal route (low echo-endoscopy), depending of the objective pursued. The echo-endoscopic equipment used transmits echographic and endoscopic amplified and high-resolution images to a monitor, furthermore allowing to perform several treatment interventions.

Echo-endoscopy is more frequently indicated in the sequence of previous exams, to clarify results or perform specific treatments. Echo-endoscopy indications include, for instance, diagnosis, staging and evaluation of tumour extension, early detection of tumour relapse, diagnosis of other lesions or diseases of the digestive tract and near structures, as well as biopsy performance with echographic control.

The image processing unit now acquired by Hospital da Luz allows an even higher definition and resolution of image, with an acknowledged impact in diagnosis accuracy, besides widening the range of intervention options available. This way, the Digestive Gastroenterology and Endoscopy Centre continues to provide its clients with the best possibilities of diagnosis and treatment, resorting to the most up-to-date equipment.