Hospital da Luz has Most Advanced Pediatric Simulator in the World

The Simulation Centre from Hospital da Luz Learning Health has available, since October 25, Pediatric HAL®, by Gaumard, the most advanced pediatric simulator in the world, with unique characteristics, such as the capability to guide the eyes and manifest realistic emotions through facial expression, gestures and speech. This is the first simulator of the kind in a hospital in Europe and the second in the world.

Thanks to its exclusive anatomical and physiological features, Pediatric HAL® simulates different conditions of disease and withstands the clinical practice of advanced techniques, with precision, using monitors and real sensors. It can, for instance, simulate convulsions with different levels of intensity, trauma and sepsis. Moreover, it generates a new level (richer) of interaction and communication between the simulator and the health professional in training, enabling to identify signs of disease and neurological conditions.

Thus, Pediatric HAL® opens doors to a whole new and exceptional experience of simulation, using an intuitive interface, even in the most complex simulation scenarios.

This is the first high-fidelity pediatric simulator of Hospital da Luz Learning Health Simulation Centre, which will be completed next year – in the scope of a project co-financed by Programa Lisboa 2020, Portugal 2020 and the European Union, via the European Regional Development Fund, aiming to reinforce research, technological development and innovation, in an investment amount of 2.797.323,50 Euros and a support of 1.118.893,00 Euros.

Hospital da Luz Learning Health is a Grupo Luz Saúde company dedicated to training, research and innovation. Clinical simulation is an innovating and interactive educational methodology aiming to improve knowledge, clinical performance and the level of trust of students and professionals in the area of health, in view to answer the challenges faced by today’s medical education. Training based on simulation enables learning in a safe, realistic and predictable environment, without putting the patient at risk.

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