Hospital da Luz Vila Real in Full Operation

Hospital da Luz Vila Real is functioning, from now on, 24 hours/day 365 days/year. By opening new areas – namely the labor and delivery unit and the operating theatre, prepared for more complex surgeries, and an area for inpatient care and 24 hours-Emergency Assistance, for adults and children –, the hospital has now all clinical capabilities, being able to offer the best medical care, in an integrated and differentiated way, with all safety and the support of Hospital da Luz network.

Hospital da Luz Vila Real has a clinical, nursing and technical team integrating professionals of recognized quality, ensuring consultation in almost every medical and surgical speciality, as well as clinical analyses (24 hours/day). The integral imaging centre, also functioning all day long, is equipped with the latest technology and prepared to perform the main complementary diagnosis exams.

The Emergency Assistance integrates specialists on General and Family Medicine, Internal Medicine and Paediatrics, permanently supported by professionals of other medical and surgical specialities in the hospital, namely Anaesthesiology, Orthopaedics, General Surgery and Urology. This unit of Hospital da Luz network has agreements established with the main subsystems and health insurers.

Hospital da Luz Vila Real is situated in the centre of the city, in the building of the historical Hotel Tocaio, which was rehabilitated, its architectural project having been distinguished with the award Prémio SIL Imobiliário 2018.