Hospital da Luz Vila Real Inaugurated with Praises to Investment in the Region

The inauguration ceremony of Hospital da Luz Vila Real – the 30th unit of Grupo Luz Saúde – took place last March 22, with the presence of several leading individuals, that highlighted not only the investment made by Luz Saúde, but also the increase in offer in terms of specialized healthcare provided by this hospital to the region.

“Today is definitely a very happy day for Vila Real. The inhabitants and the town have to be thankful to Hospital da Luz for believing in the success of the investment”, declared the city council president, Rui Santos, reminding that “this is one of the largest private investments ever” in the region”. As stressed by the mayor, the new Hospital da Luz represents “an important complement in healthcare providing”, to put the inland population on an equal footing with the coastal population.

Rui Santos also called for the establishment of agreements with ADSE: “About 23% of our population is ADSE beneficiary, deducting 3.5% of their salaries for social security, like all the other public servants in the country, but didn’t have access to private health units of this dimension with agreements they could benefit from. That was quite unfair and it is a necessity that this unit enables agreements with ADSE. In fact, I had the opportunity to share this concern with the prime-minister and the minister for health, last week, and I sincerely hope this issue will be settled as soon as possible”.

State-of-the-art technology and new employment

Hospital da Luz Vila Real, opened on September 2018, “involved an investment of 16 million euros and created 250 new jobs”, highlighted Isabel Caz, Luz Saúde CEO. “We are very pleased with this investment and also with the establishment of our Contact Centre here, starting with 50 working positions and aiming for 150, thus becoming one major client service centre in the group”, she added, thanking the collaboration of all entities of the region in the project.

She also made a special compliment “to Luz Saúde team, whose work made it possible to open this 30th unit of the group”, as well as “to all partners that for 18 years now work in the building and installation of Hospital da Luz units”.

Jorge Magalhães Correia, Fidelidade CEO (Luz Saúde shareholder), reminded, on the other hand, that the new Hospital da Luz Vila Real is not only equipped with state-of-the-art technology, but counts with a highly qualified team – about 300 professionals, 140 of them physicians. Thus, it will allow to “provide better service to the population” in the area of insurance, assisting in the scope of work accidents, traumatology and orthopaedics, in high-quality facilities.

Also António Lima Cardoso, Hospital da Luz Vila Real executive-manager, stressed that this “is probably the most technologically equipped hospital in Grupo Luz Saúde and the most advanced in the country in this area”.

“With a clinical team led by Dr Rui Couto, we have a nearly perfect combination, an ‘island’ of healthcare providing in the region of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro”, he added, revealing a few figures on its activity: since September, 30 births and over 300 people operated, besides a daily average of 40 people assisted in the emergency service, 200 people on consultation and 150 on exams.

Also present in the ceremony, were the presidents of the city councils of Ribeira da Pena, Sabrosa, Tarouca and Valpaços, among other major figures and local and regional authorities, which had the opportunity to take a guided tour of the new hospital. In the evening, there was a dinner party at the cloisters of the ancient Central Government, where the menu, in homage to the hospital’s building, ancient Hotel Tocaio, was identical to the lunch of Humberto Delgado’s campaign, when he was received here in the 1958 electoral campaign. In the end, there was a concert by fado singer Raquel Tavares.

In the photo above, Isabel Vaz, Rui Santos and Jorge Magalhães Correia, who unveiled a plaque alluding to the inauguration.