Hospital da Luz Clínica Lagoas Park Has Already Opened

HLuz Lagoas Park

Hospital da Luz Clínica Lagoas Park, the new Grupo Luz Saúde unit located in this business park, in Oeiras, opened today. The clinic is located in building 11 of Lagoas Park – near the commercial hall and the central lake – and aims to ease access to healthcare, not only for collaborators of that business park, but also for others in the area that will be able to resort to it, whenever necessary.

Operating from Monday to Friday, between 8:00 a.m. and 17:30 p.m., Hospital da Luz Clínica Lagoas Park offers consultation in General and Family Medicine, blood sampling service for laboratory analysis and nursing treatments. It will operate under the clinical direction of Hospital da Luz Oeiras (located near Parque dos Poetas), thus guaranteeing the articulation and continuity of healthcare provided.

More about the clinic here 

In the photo above, the clinic’s team: Ricardo Severino, Cátia Pereira and Noémia Sardinha (customer service technicians), Sandra Barreira (nurse), Maria João Araújo (General and Family Medicine physician) and Mariana Alpoim (management centre).