Hospital da Luz Setúbal Launches General and Family Medicine Meetings

Hospital da Luz Setúbal will organize, next April 5, the first edition of the General and Family Medicine Meetings (MGF – Medicina Geral e Familiar), destined to physicians and internists of the specialty. The initiative, to take place annually, is the concretion of a longstanding aspiration of Hospital da Luz Setúbal’s team, as it was explained by its clinical director, José Ferreira Santos: “We have long wanted to establish a MGF practitioners meeting, where it would be possible to promote articulation and discussion among peers”.

It is intended to be “an inclusive meeting, with transversal topics to different areas, debated in a fairly informal and interactive way, on the basis of clinical cases”, adds José Ferreira Santos. The organization of this first Meeting of General and Familiar Medicine is ensured by the team of Hospital da Luz Setúbal’s Service of MGF, under the coordination of Paula Dias.

The program includes some of the most common clinical situations in MGF – such as gastroesophageal reflux, chronic pain, respiratory function tests interpretation, thyroid nodules and paraneoplastic syndrome, cutaneous infections, cardiac function evaluation, benign prostate hypertrophy and lower back pain.

“Each panel of discussion will have, besides a guest speaker, several moderators, who will motivate the debates, whenever possible on the basis of clinical cases”, explains Paula Dias.

Therefore, it is planned the intervention of professionals in the specialties of gastroenterology, anaesthesiology, pulmonology, general surgery, endocrinology, oncology, dermatology, cardiology, urology and neurosurgery.

At closing, the president of Luz Saúde executive board, Isabel Vaz, will defy the participants with an intervention under the topic, “To Aspire to Medicine of Excellence – Challenge the Present, Plan the Future”.


Program and enrolment