Luz Saúde Imaging in the Largest European Congress Ever

The European Congress of Radiology, which took place in Vienna from February 27 to March 3, counted with the presence of a considerable delegation of imaging professionals from Grupo Luz Saúde, whose work at the level of diagnosis and therapeutics, research and medical training was distinguished.

Promoted by the European Society of Radiology (ESR), this one of the largest medical congresses in Europe and the second largest at world level, in the area of radiology, this year breaking the record of participations: 30,259 professionals from 133 countries.

Artificial intelligence in imaging was, once again, a main topic in the congress. It is worth noting that Grupo Luz Saúde is the first healthcare services provider in Portugal, with totally digital imaging departments, possessing the largest and most advanced technological park in the country, which is also one of the largest in Europe. Besides, its professionals develop, along the clinical activity, a wide work of research and training.

Luz Saúde team in this congress integrated professionals from its Central Board of Imaging Diagnosis, and radiology and neuroradiology physicians and technicians from the units of Hospital da Luz Arrábida (HLA), Aveiro (HLAV), Coimbra (HLC), Lisboa (HLL) and Setúbal (HLS), and from Hospital Beatriz Ângelo (HBA), among others, who did presentations and moderated sessions in different areas of specialization. Among them, Filipe Caseiro Alves (HLC clinical director), Isabel Fragata (HLL neuroradiologist), Vasco Mascarenhas (responsible for the Unit of Musculoskeletal Imaging from HLL), Belarmino Gonçalves (interventional radiologist in the units of Hospital da Luz Aveiro, Lisboa and Vila Real), Catarina Mira (HBA internal radiologist), Rita Cruz (HBA internal radiologist), Pedro Sousa (HBA internal radiologist) and Andreia Bernardo (HLL imaging technician, who presented a communication distinguished as best oral communication in the 14th National Congress of Radiology – in May 2018).

In the photo above, some of the participants in the congress: from left to right, Andreia Bernardo, Vieites Branco (HLA radiologist), Bruno Costa (HLA coordinator-technician), Gonçalo Leal (DCDI), Vasco Mascarenhas, Sérgio Duarte (radiologist in the units of Lisboa, Oeiras, Setúbal and HBA), Fernando Gonçalves (HLL imaging technician-coordinator), Ana Filipa Graça (DCDI), Ana Branco (HLL management team), Ana Queimado (HLS imaging technician) and Nuno Almeida (HLS imaging technician).