Luz Saúde Imagiology Distinguished and Strongly Represented in Congress of Radiology

The 14th National Congress of Radiology – the major national meeting of specialists in the area, which took place in Albufeira, between 16 and 19 May – registered a strong participation of Grupo Luz Saúde imaging professionals, presenting papers and moderating debates.

Thorax and paediatrics were the main themes in this congress, organized as usual by the Portuguese Society of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine and presided by Filipe Caseiro Alves (clinical director of Idealmed Unidade Hospitalar de Coimbra, recently acquired by Luz Saúde).

In highlight, presenting scientific papers, were radiologists Hugo Marques, Rosana Santos, Carla Saraiva, Isa Martins, Belarmino Gonçalves and Carina Ruano, and orthopaedist Paulo Rego, all from Luz Saúde.

Physicians Luís Gargaté, Vasco Mascarenhas, Hugo Marques, Rosana Santos, Carla Saraiva and Alfredo Gil Agostinho had a very active participation, moderating the panels of discussion.

This congress integrated the scientific program of the Association of Technicians in Radiology, Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine (ATARP), focused in diagnostic and therapeutic cardiac, pulmonary, bone and paediatric imaging – therefore also registering a strong participation of Luz Saúde Imaging technicians.

Fábio Cruz was a guest speaker, presenting a communication on the technical aspects of cardiac computer tomography (CT), and Tiago Castela spoke about whole-body magnetic resonance.

Also worth noticing was the communication “CT Thorax Screening – A new approach to lung cancer” (in the photo above), that was distinguished as the best paper presented in the congress, in Radiographers sessions.

The authors are Andreia Bernardo and Otília Fernandes – respectively technician and physician responsible for the Unit of Lung Cancer, at Hospital da Luz Lisboa – assisted by technicians Fernando Gonçalves, Susana Cândido and Patrícia Silva, all from the same unit. Andreia Bernardo was therefore contemplated to join as a member of the European Society of Radiology (ESR) and to register at the respective congress in 2019.