Vasco Mascarenhas and Paulo Rego Research Published in the “American Journal of Sports Medicine”

The “American Journal of Sports Medicine”, the world most renowned journal in the area of sports orthopaedic medicine, published in its November edition the research of a multidisciplinary team led by radiologist Vasco Mascarenhas and orthopaedist Paulo Rego, both from Hospital da Luz Lisboa, dedicated to the establishment of morphologic factors predictive of hip problems.

The normative values obtained through magnetic resonance serve as reference for the early detection of disease situations and the prompt definition of the most adequate healthcare. For this research work, 372 healthy subjects were considered and 176 with joint pain, the team having characterized 548 hips.

Vasco Mascarenhas (on the right on the photo above) is the coordinator of the Unit of Musculoskeletal Imaging from Hospital da Luz Lisboa, and Paulo Rego (on the left, on the photo) is the director of the Orthopaedics Service in the same hospital unit.

Read the paper abstract Can we discriminate symptomatic hip patients from asymptomatic volunteers based on anatomic predictors?  

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