Hospital da Luz Learning Health Researcher Participates in Publication of the Royal Society of Chemistry

Nuno André da Silva, researcher integrating Hospital da Luz Learning Health’s team, is the co-author of a chapter in an imaging publication recently edited by the Royal Society of Chemistry – international leading institution in the area of chemical sciences, promoting research and scientific knowledge sharing, in close collaboration with the academic world and the industry.

The book, “Hybrid MR-PET Imaging Systems, Methods and Applications”, approaches the area of MR-PET imaging. This technology allows to obtain simultaneously images of magnetic resonance (MR) and images of tomography by positron emission (PET), a very recent technique not yet available in Portugal. MR-PET equipment allows to obtain simultaneously functional, anatomical and metabolic images.

In this publication, are approached details on systems, methodologies and MR-PET applications. Nuno André da Silva collaborates in the chapter dedicated to PET imaging correction resorting to MR for quantification and obtention of multi-parametric images with molecular and metabolic information.

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More information about the publication here