Isabel Vaz Presents Hospital da Luz Experience in Conference on Value Based Healthcare

Isabel Vaz, Luz Saúde CEO, and Filipe Costa, Hospital da Luz oncology manager, were speakers in the second edition of the conference “Invest in Health – Obtain Results”, which took place at Centro Cultural de Belém, on November 29. The initiative, focused mainly on the concept of organizing value based healthcare, was promoted by Jornal de Negócios and Janssen, with the support of the Portuguese Association of Hospital Managers (APAH – Associação Portuguesa de Administradores Hospitalares).

Luz Saúde group was the only private healthcare provider participating in the conference, where Isabel Vaz and Filipe Costa presented the Hércules project, which is being implemented in Hospital da Luz network and which is based in the application of the concept.

Isabel Vaz – who participated in the round table on “Value Based Healthcare in practise” – considered that this new model of clinical organization still raises fears: “We fear, first of all, because we change. The health sector is such a complex system that, when a variable is changed, we never know what may happen to all the other variables. Therefore, it is natural that change won’t happen as fast as we would wish”.

Furthermore, Luz Saúde CEO defended that the future passes by artificial intelligence systems (AI) and their capacity to analyse large amounts of information. And, unlike those who consider that the field of surgery is where technology will have more impact, she defended that “Internal Medicine and General and Family Medicine will be the most technological specialties”. On the other hand, Filipe Costa presented the “Implementation of Value Based Healthcare in Hospital da Luz Oncology Centre” –, which he considered as “a strategic hub in the area of oncology in the south region of the country”.

According to him, it is necessary to go from the traditional model of the specialty and of the service to the model of a multidisciplinary team oriented by pathology. Moreover, “it is fundamental to have a strategy centred in the patient and an evaluation centred in the experience of the client”, towards a strategy of health based on results. “With the physicians at the wheel of this ship and a wide multidisciplinary team involving physicians, nurses and engineers, we trace a circle of value that reduces the impact of error”, defended Filipe Costa, challenging managers and doctors to always pose the right question in this domain: how much does a bad treatment cost?

Other speakers in this conference were managers such as Filipa Mota e Costa (general-director of Janssen), João Almeida Lopes (president of Apifarma), Rafael Bengoa (codirector of the Institute for Health & Strategy in Spain), Marta Temido (ex-president of Administração Central do Sistema de Saúde), Alexandre Lourenço (president of APAH), António Ferreira (ex-clinical director and ex-president of Centro Hospitalar de São João, in Oporto) and Francisco Rocha Gonçalves (of the executive board of IPO Porto).