Isabel Vaz at SIC Notícias: “The Aim of Efficiency is Number One Priority” in Health Sector

“Health is already a cluster of economic development in the country” and “the aim of efficiency is the number one priority” in this sector, stressed Isabel Vaz in the TV program “Think Forward”, broadcasted by SIC Notícias in the beginning of this month.

Luz Saúde CEO was one of the three national group leaders invited by this channel to talk about the main challenges facing their respective sectors in the next five years. Together with Isabel Vaz were Fernando Pinto, TAP CEO, and Rodrigo Costa, from REN. For Luz Saúde CEO, “the number one priority in health, both in private and public sectors, is the purpose of efficiency” – which implies, “how to pay for an essential asset that should be available to all”.

New technologies and digital means are more and more decisive, in respect to this: “In my sector, we do not resort to technology to obtain more profit, but to ensure general wellbeing and health”, she highlighted. On the other hand, she added, “the amount of data generated and gathered nowadays is massive, which allows a largest predictive capacity of situations”. And she gave an example: “Today, we can predict if the surgical risk is higher or lesser and act upon it”.

Isabel Vaz concluded with a message of great optimism for the future in the sector and its role in the future of the country: “Health is already a cluster of economic development with a series of industries gravitating around it. There is a large increase of amazing technological start-ups, opening doors for our country and creating new exporting and transactional mechanisms in the sector. Therefore, it is wonderful to be part of this”.

Watch the TV show here