Isabel Vaz wins Best Manager of the Year Award

The newspaper, Jornal de Negócios and the consultancy firm PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) have awarded the Excellens Oeconomia 'Personality 2015' prize to the president of the Luz Saúde Executive Committee, Isabel Vaz, for her performance as manager and leader of Luz Saúde.

According to the Jornal de Negócios, the aim of the 'Personality 2015'  award is to recognize those who, through their work, 'have the boldness and audacity to sail against the wind and are able to overcome tremendous challenges, thus contributing to Portugal's economic progress'.

Isabel Vaz has managed Luz Saúde (the former Espírito Santo Saúde) since she left university 15 years ago. Today, the company has more than 9,000 employees in 18 different health units, including the biggest private hospital in the country (Hospital da Luz, in Lisbon), and a public hospital (Beatriz Ângelo, in Loures), managed in a Public-Private Partnership.

Just in 2014, she successfully negotiated the complex processes for stock market quotation and the sale of the company through a Public Offering – all of this while the Espírito Santo Group, to which the company belonged, was going through an unprecedented crisis. In fact, the Luz Saúde Public Offering was the most sought after ever in the history of national capital markets. Both national as well as international firms competed for the purchase of the company led by Isabel Vaz.

The Excellens Oeconomia Award also selected Portocel Soporcel as Company of the Year, for its 'long-term vision, economic sustainability, capacity for change, innovation and overall vision', noted the Jornal de Negócios.

The jury members for these awards are Alberto Castro, António Brochado Correia, António lobo Xavier, António Sousa, Fátima Barros, Helena Garrido, João lobo Antunes, João Salgueiro, José Manuel Fernandes, Luís Amado, Madalena Cascais Tomé, Miguel Setas, Pedro Rebelo Sousa and Ricardo Reis.