Joana Torres in Special Interview at SIC Channel

Joana Torres, gastroenterologist from Hospital Beatriz Ângelo, was interviewed in a special reportage at SIC channel on intestinal inflammatory diseases, broadcasted in Jornal da Noite, on April 4.

The number of people with intestinal inflammatory diseases – Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis – is growing, affecting over 20 thousand Portuguese.

Along the reportage, Joana Torres explains what “chronic diseases are”, where there is “chronical inflammation of the digestive tube” and when “our body cannot revert the vicious cycle of inflammation”. The symptoms – such as diarrhoea, abdominal pain and blood in stool – “imply loss of quality in daily life”. There is still little information on these diseases, as highlighted the HBA gastroenterologist: “There is an increase in the risk of Crohn’s disease in smokers and there is also potential increase of risk, when there is high exposure to antibiotics in childhood, but these are very generic factors. In a particular patient, at individual level, it is impossible to say what caused the disease”.

Several patients also interviewed at SIC channel report the difficulties faced in daily life, which have already motivated the submission of a petition to Assembleia da República, claiming the approval of legislative measures safeguarding special rights, such as basic fee exemption and inclusion in the list of incapacitating diseases.