"From ESS a great, top of the range organisation. And happening in Lisbon!”. It was with these words that Manuel Salgado, architect and councillor for the Town Hall of Lisbon, welcomed participants in Auditorium 1, at Hospital da Luz, hereby formally opening Leaping Forward – Lisbon International Clinic Congress, the greatest medical and scientific congress held in Portugal, at Hospital da Luz, ending on the 19th of February.

Manuel Salgado chaired the opening ceremony of the congress, on behalf of the mayor of Lisbon, António Costa, and recalled the partnership of the town hall of the capital city in this event. "It is with great pleasure that Lisbon Municipality opens its doors to you." he declared. A partnership that the councillor linked to the relevance of this Leaping Forward for the capital city of Portugal. "After all, experts from more than 20 different countries are at this congress!», he recalled.

And added that Lisbon "is already one of the top ranking" host cities of international scientific meetings, "with over one hundred congresses held every year". Not to mention "several successful cases in health sciences, like the Institute for Molecular Health", at the Lisbon Faculty of Medicine.

Before Manuel Salgado, Isabel Vaz, the CEO of ESS, and José Roquette, clinical director of Hospital da Luz and scientific director of Leaping Forward had taken the floor.

At the congress's opening ceremony, which according to Isabel Vaz "translates the ambition of an institution in constant innovation in a variety of clinical fields", the CEO of Espirito Santo Saúde recalled that "what makes ESS, and Hospital da Luz in particular, such a special organisation is the perfect communion it has managed to achieve between technology, the standard flagship of innovation, humanity and life". And added, "Since the one doesn't make sense without the others. Because innovation and technology must serve patients.”

José Roquette, on the other hand, highlighted that at the root of this project was the objective of "gathering in Lisbon some of the biggest names worldwide from several medical fields and, specially, assessing attitudes, revisiting procedures, analysing protocols, developing new techniques and proposing consensuses at the national and international level". He ended by reinstating his belief in "a successful event" and announced that his mind is already "thinking about the next one".

In the audience, representatives of the Angolan Government, the health professional associations and the Lisbon fire brigade sat amongst dozens of guests attending the opening ceremony of Leaping Forward.