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Ana Catarino Lisbon Pathology

Hospital da Luz Lisboa holds from April 4 to 6, 2019, the second edition of the Lisbon Pathology Update, a theoretical and practical course mainly aimed at interns in Pathological Anatomy training, specialists in the field, but also at physicians from other specialties. The Lisbon Pathology Update is supported by a scientific body of recognized quality and in partnership with the prestigious MD Anderson Cancer Center (Houston, USA).

After a first edition (in 2017) dedicated to thoracic pathology, this time the program will cover five areas: oncological breast pathology, dermatopathology (in particular melanocytic and lymphoid lesions), gynecological oncologic pathology, lymph node less frequent hematologic lesions and interstitial lung disease and pulmonary neuroendocrine tumors. «This year we decided to favor the interaction with the mentioned clinical areas. We consider that discussing and sharing of diagnostic difficulties of both aspects, clinical and morphological, are the best way to optimize clinical decision-making», explains Ana Catarino (on the photo above), coordinator of the Department of Pathological Anatomy at Hospital da Luz Lisboa. 

The theoretical presentations and also of several clinical cases of major difficulty will be, for the most part, under the responsibility of pathology physicians of the resident team of the North American MD Anderson Cancer Center. «The different lectures will highlight the morphological approach, the use of immunohistochemistry/biomarkers and, when needed, the use of diagnostic molecular biology. In addition, towards the end of the course, the different speakers have selected challenging cases that will be displayed before the final discussion, so that the participants can review them and formulate their own approach and/or diagnosis», explains Cesar Moran, director of the Department of Thoracic Pathology of the MD Anderson Cancer Center. 

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