8th Edition of Hospital da Luz Clinical Cases Dedicated to Oncologic Disease

The 8th edition of Hospital da Luz Clinical Cases is already available, this time entirely dedicated to oncologic disease and to the work of the multidisciplinary teams of Hospital da Luz Lisboa Oncology Centre.

The monothematic choice is justified by the editor, Américo Dinis da Gama, university professor and vascular surgeon at Hospital da Luz Lisboa, for the high incidence of the oncologic disease, for the mortality rate and the complexity of healthcare required, electing it as the major public health problem of our times. A pathology, however, where there has been an amazing development in the diagnosis technologies, as well as in basic sciences, in cellular and molecular biology, in immunology and in genetics.

Therefore, this is also a “challenge” for Hospital da Luz Lisboa, as it is stressed in the introductory text by José Luís Passos Coelho, coordinator of this unit’s Oncology Centre: “We are at the forefront of the diagnosis of several oncologic diseases, with an increasing number of national and international clinical trials on different oncologic diseases including patients of our units or referred from other hospitals”.

“The Oncologic Disease – Diagnosis and Multidisciplinary Therapeutics” includes 21 papers on the clinical cases of patients followed at Hospital da Luz Lisboa – in areas such as lung cancer, digestive cancer, thyroid cancer, melanoma, breast cancer, prostate cancer, among others.

Besides the usual description of the clinical case, in this edition each paper includes commentaries from professionals of the different medical specialties involved in the particular pathology. Because “no medical specialty requires so much from an hospital organization”, as highlighted Isabel Vaz, president of the Board of Directors of Hospital da Luz Lisboa and CEO of Luz Saúde, in the edition’s preface. 

Each case implies a multidisciplinary approach from different medical areas, therefore being “indispensable to have the capacity to invest consistently and continuously in differentiated human and technological resources”, to meet that requirement. 

“At Hospital da Luz Lisboa Oncology Centre, we assume that facing cancer is a true medical commitment for life”, added Isabel Vaz, recalling that “it is simultaneously essential to be an agent of innovation, through the development of competencies in the area of education, training and research”, as well as “be able to permanently assess efficacy in terms of oncologic results, not overlooking patients expectancies regarding quality of life after treatment”.

Briefly, this new edition will also be available in book format, for free, not only in Hospital da Luz network units, but also in public hospital institutions of the country, in education and research centres and in scientific and professional medical organizations.

Eletronic edition (abstracts in english):