Luz Saúde and Amiko Test “Intelligent Inhalator”

Grupo Luz Saúde and startup Amiko established, last July 3, a partnership agreement to conduct clinical trials on the innovative device developed by the latest to control medication taken by asthma and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) patients. The trials will include patients from Hospital Beatriz Ângelo and Hospital da Luz Lisboa.

One difficulty for physicians in the specialty of Pulmonology is to determine if the absence of clinical improvement in their patients is due to the inadequacy of the drug, or if the prescribed dose is insufficient, or even if the inhalators are used correctly.

Amiko developed a device that allows that control: it consists of an inhalator with sensors which, when used, gathers data, such as for instance the time of medication intake, the correct or incorrect use of the inhalator, and the application of the exact dose prescribed. These data are then sent to a platform – Respiro –, where the patient and the physician can follow and verify the efficacy of the treatment. By increasing the efficacy of healthcare provided, this solution also enables to reduce the costs of treatment.

This project by Amiko, an Italian company, was one of the winners of the 2017 edition of Protechting – program raising innovating projects in the areas of health, insurance and services promoted by Fosun and Fidelidade, with the support of Luz Saúde. The collaboration between Amiko and Hospital da Luz Learning Health, Grupo Luz Saúde company dedicated to the advanced training of professionals, translational research and innovation in health, started in Protechting

For Francisca Leite, director of Hospital da Luz Learning Health, “Amiko developed an excellent product that will change drastically the treatment of asthma and COPD, in the perspective of patients, as in the perspective of the health professionals that deal with them”. “We commit ourselves to consolidate this Respiro project, in this partnership with one of the leading European groups in healthcare focused in innovation through new technologies”, states, on the other hand, Duilio Macchi, Amiko’s CEO.