Marília Cravo with new consultation at Hospital da Luz

Marília Cravo, director of the gastroenterology service at Hospital Beatriz Ângelo (HBA), will also take on deputy-coordinator responsibilities at the Hospital da Luz Oncology Center.

The doctor, who has been with the HBA team since the hospital opened will be at the Hospital da Luz every Wednesday afternoon, where she will hold the new gastroenterology/cancer risk consultations.

This new consultation service starts on 3 June and will be available in the Hospital da Luz Oncology Center (level -1).

Marília Cravo recently took her aggregation exams at NOVA Medical School, with her clinical research work on inflammatory bowel disease and clinical nutrition, which the jury awarded the highest distinction. Marília Cravo received a PhD from the same university in 1997, and is Assistant Professor of the NOVA Medical School since 2000.