Hospital da Luz Physician Publishes Echocardiography Manual

“Manual de Ecocardiografia” (Echocardiography Manual) is the title of the book published by Lidel and written by Lígia Mendes, physician at Hospital da Luz Setúbal and Hospital da Luz Lisboa.

The book was launched in a special session held last April 20, at Hospital da Luz Setúbal, where the author explained the importance of the echocardiogram as “a first-line imaging exam for the evaluation of patients with cardiovascular pathology”, to justify the work now published.

In the foreword, by Nuno Cardim, coordinator of Hospital da Luz Lisboa Echocardiography Laboratory and secretary-general of the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging (EACVI), this doctor explains that “in the age of multi-modality cardiac imaging, echocardiography is today and will continue to be in the future the first-line imaging exam, in the approach to cardiac patients in multiple environments. Besides the classical advantages of the technique (not invasive, accessible, inexpensive, innocuous, at hand), echocardiography has benefits based on evidence, therefore its results, namely quantitative data, are incorporated in guidelines, playing a crucial paper in the algorithm of diagnostic therapeutic and prognostic decision in multiple cardiac diseases”.

Nuno Cardim further says: “In this truly pocket size book, that I consult every day, Dr Lígia Mendes was able to condensate in an up-to-date, elegant, user friendly, organized and didactical way a great amount of information essential for the daily practice of echocardiography”. And he concludes: “I consider this work as the ideal pocket friend to any echocardiographer in the world that uses Portuguese language, in every phase of his professional life”.

According to the author, this “echocardiography manual resulted from the necessity to ease the task, gathering reference values of the main measurements, hemodynamic parameters and currently used formulae. The easy consultation and quick and intuitive use of this manual allow the implementation of technical accuracy, easing the work of physicians and technicians dedicated to cardiac patients”.

Lígia Mendes is a cardiologist, being responsible for Hospital da Luz Setúbal Echocardiography Laboratory and specialist at Hospital da Luz Lisboa. She is also member of the European Accreditation Council for Transesophageal Echocardiography.