Hospital da Luz Physician Explains “Chain of Survival” in INEM Video

Daniel Ferreira, coordinator of Clinical Cardiology at Hospital da Luz Lisboa and vice-president of the Portuguese Society of Cardiology, explains the importance of everyone knowing the designated “chain of survival” and being able to apply the basic life support manoeuvres (BLS) to victims of cardiorespiratory arrest, in a video launched by INEM, the Portuguese Institute of Emergency on World Heart Day.

The video presents the real case of a 16-year-old young man, who after cardiorespiratory arrest by unknown reason survived, because someone near him realized what was going on and performed repeated cycles of chest compression and insufflation (mouth to mouth breathing), until the arrival of INEM with a defibrillator and subsequent transport to the hospital.

“Sudden death may occur in any given time or place”, highlights Daniel Ferreira, reminding that “there are critical minutes” for the victim, where if there is someone around who realizes what is going on and knows how to act, time can be gained and lives saved, by initiating the designated “chain of survival”, calling the INEM, applying BLS manoeuvres until the emergency team arrives, resuscitation of the victim by the emergency team with defibrillator and subsequent stabilization in hospital.

“It is essential that everyone knows these manoeuvres and the chain of survival. If you have the chance, take a basic life support and external automatic defibrillation course”, insists Daniel Ferreira.

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