Hospital da Luz Lisboa Physician Talks About Asthma, Allergies and Sport on BTV

José Rosado Pinto, immunoallergologist and coordinator of Hospital da Luz Lisboa Immunoallergology Service, was interviewed in program “Em Linha”, on Benfica TV, broadcasted on March 31.

Allergies, asthma and their relation with sportive practice were the theme of the program, the physician having referred the importance of sport in the socialization of the asthmatic child and how outdoor sport can contribute to a better health, once the asthmatic patient dully diagnosed and adequately treated.

As for allergies, to mites or pollen (the most common ones), José Rosado Pinto said that above all the environment at home must be controlled, in order to avoid or reduce impact on allergic condition. Dust mites affect mostly young children, while pollens affect typically teenagers, and Spring with all the pollen in the air carried by the wind is a time when more therapeutic care might be needed, depending on each individual clinical stage.
The immunoallergologist also referred smokers that being asthmatic or suffering from allergies aggravate such illnesses, thus advising them to quit smoking.

Furthermore, José Rosado Pinto had the opportunity to answer the many questions posed by viewers, stressing aspects related to the organization and competencies of Hospital da Luz Lisboa Immunoallergology Service.