Family Physician: the Closest and Always Present

“We follow up the patient unconditionally throughout life, from birth to death, in the advanced stages of disease and in healthy moments”, highlights João Sequeira Carlos, director of the Service of General and Family Medicine (MGF) from Hospital da Luz Lisboa, in the scope of the World Family Doctor Day, celebrated on May 19.

The date was established in 2010 by the World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA), in order to stress the role and contribution of these specialists in health care providing. It is also an opportunity to celebrate the advances made in General and Family Medicine and primary health care.

The topic proposed this year by WONCA is “Family doctors – caring for you for the whole of your life”. In Portugal, the Portuguese Association of General and Family Medicine complements the idea with the motto “Family Doctor, the closest to me”, with the purpose of raising awareness to the comprehensiveness of health care provided by this specialty and to the close relationship that should exist between the general and family medicine specialist and patients throughout life, including their families.

“All patients should be able to have their own agenda of health care, with the help of the family doctor”, adds João Sequeira Carlos, explaining: “Since, at any moment in life and any health condition, they will need health coordination and guidance provided by those better positioned to do that, which are the family doctor and his team (family nurse and clinical secretary)”.

Consultations on Family and General Medicine are available in almost every unit from Hospital da Luz network.