Luz Saúde Physicians Participate in Book on Urologic Tumors

Physicians from Luz Saúde units are authors of some chapters of a book on malignant tumors of the genitourinary tract, recently published by Sociedade Portuguesa de Oncologia (Oncology Portuguese Society) and GPGU – Grupo Português Génito-Urinário (Genitourinary Portuguese Group).

The book of two volumes counts with the collaboration of more than a hundred physicians from all over the country, among them doctors from Hospital da Luz Lisboa (HLL), Hospital da Luz Clínica de Oeiras and Hospital Beatriz Ângelo. The oncology coordinator from HBA and HLL, José Luís Passos Coelho, the radiotherapy service coordinator from HLL, Francisco Mascarenhas, and the molecular medicine service coordinator from HLL, Maria do Rosário Vieira, as well as Adalgisa Guerra, Artur Gomes de Oliveira, Jaime Calha, Ricardo Veiga, Sofia Pinheiro Lopes and Pedro Oliveira are the physicians from Luz Saúde group who participated in this edition.

Coordinated by Calais da Silva, from GPGU, the book is organized by pathologies, including chapters on kidney, bladder, penile and prostate cancer, among others.