Headache Patients and Physicians Discuss Issues and the Creation of an Association


“Simply a headache?” is the motto of an information session scheduled for next June 19, at Museu da Música, in Lisbon, with the participation of physicians and patients suffering from headache.
The gathering, open to the general population, will be organized by the Portuguese Society of Headache and the European Headache Alliance, and will focus on discussing the problems caused by this disease in patient’s daily activity and the possibility of establishing an association in Portugal.

The debate will count with the participation of Elsa Parreira and Raquel Gil Gouveia, neurologists at the Headache Centre from Hospital da Luz Lisboa and board members of the Portuguese Society of Headache, Fernanda Sá, president of the Portuguese Association of Fibromyalgia Patients, and Elena Ruiz de la Torre, president of the European Headache Alliance.
They will explain what headaches are and how they restrict the life of patients, which is the general overview of the disease in other European countries, what benefits could an association bring, and how to find social and/or legal strategies to promote health and the improvement of life quality for those who suffer from headaches.

The session will start at 18:00 p.m., at Museu da Música (at Alto dos Moinhos Metro station).