Robotic Partial Nephrectomy at Hospital da Luz

A partial nephrectomy utilizing a robotic approach was performed for the first time in Portugal at the Hospital da Luz by the robotic surgery team in urology, headed by Dr. Kris Maes.

Dr. Kris Maes leads the robotic and minimally invasive surgery center in the specialty of urology in Hospital da Luz, and is a full time physician at the hospital since April 2013. He developed an expertise in robotic surgery, namely in robotic assisted renal surgery, over a 6 years period while he developed this clinical area in a high patient volume Belgian hospital.

The patient submitted to the robotic partial nephrectomy was discharged four days after surgery.

The partial nephrectomy is the most common option for small dimension kidney tumors, for patients with injuries in both kidneys or with renal function alterations. This is a surgery in which only the tumor is removed with a healthy tissue margin of safety, preserving the remaining functional renal tissue.

Apart from the general advantages of robotic and minimally invasive surgery, the robotic approach to a partial nephrectomy also has the following potential benefits:

  • More precise tumor extraction and renal reconstruction, with minimum blood loss
  • Maximization of healthy renal tissue that is not removed
  • Shorter duration of interruption to the blood flow in the renal artery, with a faster and improved global recovery of the healthy renal tissue
  • Better visualization of the artery that feeds the tumor area, due to the use of fluorescence, making it possible to perform a resection in the specific area without interrupting the total blood flow of the organ.

Compared to the alternative approaches, surgical and non-surgical, the robotic partial nephrectomy now offers the best oncological and functional results.