Hospital da Luz Neurologist Explains Headache Treatment at RTP

Elsa Parreira, neurologist from Hospital da Luz Lisboa Headache Centre, participated in the TV show “Diga Doutor”, on February 3, weekly broadcasted at RTP1 channel, where health topics are approached.

In the TV show, dedicated to headache, Elsa Parreira explained more specifically how the botulinum toxin is applied in the treatment of chronic migraine.

In Portugal, about a million people suffer from migraine – 10% of which have, on average, daily intense headache impeding them from performing usual activities.  This disease has treatment, in most patients efficient.

Hospital da Luz Lisboa Headache Centre was created in 2012.

In the image above, its respective team: neurologists Raquel Gil Gouveia (the coordinator), Inês Braz Marques and Elsa Parreira, and nurse Pedro Sousa.