Hospital da Luz neurologist guest speaker at SPN congress

The Hospital da Luz neurologist Raquel Gil Gouveia was one of the guest speakers at the 2014 Neurology Congress organized by the Sociedade Portuguesa de Neurologia (SPN) and held in November in Lisbon. Her talk was on one of the most recent scientific evolutions in research into headaches. 

Raquel Gil Gouveia, coordinator of the Hospital da Luz Headache Center, was the first speaker at 'Hot topics in headaches' and gave a presentation on some of the results in the study in which she is taking part on 'Cognition during migraine attacks'. This is an area which, as she explained, has not been the subject of much research.

'It was thought that migraine may be linked to a risk of neurodegenerative diseases', she noted during her talk. However, this idea should be corrected, she added. 'During a migraine attack, cognitive activity may not remain entirely intact, but such changes can be reversed when the attack passes. In principle, these symptoms do not mean an increase in the likelihood of developing neurodegenerative diseases', she stated.
At the conference on migraine, moderated by the neurologists Isabel Luzeiro, Helena Gens and Isabel Pavão Martins, other participants included José Pereira Monteiro from the Hospital de Santo António in Porto and Filipe Palavra from the Instituto de Ciências Nucleares Aplicadas à Saúde at the Universidade de Coimbra.

In addition to her participation as a guest speaker at the SPN congress, Raquel Gil Gouveia also gave a talk on 'Cerebral perfusion during a migraine attack without aura by magnetic resonance with ASL technique'. This talk was based on work carried out at the Hospital da Luz and from a paper which she co-authored with Joana Sequeira Pinto and Patricia Figueiredo (from the Instituto Superior Técnico), Pedro Vilela (also from the Hospital da Luz, Neuroradiology Department) and Isabel Pavão Martins (from the Instituto de Medicina Molecular at the Universidade de Lisboa).