New techniques in thyroid surgery under debate

New endoscopic surgical techniques for the treatment of thyroid nodules and tumors – with no scar, besides other differences and advantages compared to traditional surgery – are the theme of a masterclass that will be held by Hospital da Luz Arrábida on May 25, World Thyroid Day, in a joint organization with the University of Barcelona and the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona. The top specialists in thyroid surgery will be present.

Thyroid malign nodules and tumors are common diseases all over the world, but with high incidence in young adults and large impact in terms of quality of life. The newest endoscopic surgical techniques for removal experienced great advancement in the last few years, based on remote approaches (transoral and transaxilar) that combine patient safety with the absence of scars in the neck.

‘Advances in thyroid: no scar and safe surgery’ will have as chairmen Jaime Vilaça (Hospital da Luz Arrábida surgeon and researcher at the University of Minho) and Òscar Vidal (researcher and surgeon at Hospital Clínic of Barcelona and lecturer at University of Barcelona), both with large experience in the area.

The participants in this masterclass will have the opportunity to follow two live-streamed surgeries that will be performed at Hospital da Luz Arrábida operating room, where these techniques will be used. Thyroid transaxilar surgery will be performed by a team coordinated by Jaime Vilaça, who introduced this technique in Portugal, in 2014. Transoral surgery will be performed by the renowned Thai specialist Angkoon Anuwong, from the department of minimally invasive surgery of the Police General Hospital in Bangkok. The departments of these two specialists are among the most experienced in this kind of surgeries, in Europe and in the world, respectively.

In the addition to the specialists already mentioned, it is important to highlight William B. Inabnet III, director of the surgery department of Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital, in New York, pioneer in minimally invasive surgery in the United States and a world reference in thyroid surgery, Eduardo Targarona, of the surgery unit from Hospital of Sant Pau, in Barcelona, and Dana Hartl, from the Gustave Roussy Institut, in France, a reference in robotic retroauricular surgery in Europe. 


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