New Hospital da Luz Lisboa Presented Today

Luz Saúde group presented, today, the Hospital da Luz Lisboa expansion project, during the ceremony celebrating the 10th anniversary of this unit. With opening expected for 2018, the new Hospital da Luz Lisboa will have twice its present capacity, representing a global investment of 100 million Euros.

Equipped with the most modern diagnosis and treatment technology, after expansion, the Hospital will offer 400 beds, 23 operating and delivery rooms, and 110 examination and treatment rooms. The new building will host the Centre of Training, Research and Innovation (Centro de Formação, Investigação e Inovação), including a modern centre of medical simulation, which will reinforce Hospital da Luz Lisboa’s vocation as research, higher education and advanced medical training unit.

The new Hospital da Luz Lisboa will be reborn, in 2018, as a reference in medicine of excellence and innovation, through the integration of healthcare providing, research and advanced clinical education.

A functional architecture

The expansion project of Hospital da Luz Lisboa will be executed, once again, by the Portuguese atelier of architecture Risco, in partnership with the Catalan Pinearq.

The architectonic conception privileges functionality and safety in healthcare providing, not forgetting the comfort and privacy of patients and families, offering them a personalized experience in a safe environment. Natural light will be prevalent as an essential element of the whole hospital, including in the Unit of Intensive Care and Operating Rooms.

The total area now in construction is about 57 thousand square metres (in the end, the total area of construction will be equivalent to 152 775 square metres). After expansion, the new Hospital da Luz Lisboa will have 23 operating and delivery rooms, 400 beds (32 of which in intensive and intermediate care), 165 consultation rooms, 110 examination and treatment rooms, one simulation centre for medical training (with 1200 m2), three auditoriums and 1800 parking places.

The Hospital is expected to have the capacity to perform then, annually, over a million consultations, about 30 thousand surgeries, 120 thousand daily internments, 200 thousand emergency events, and over two million complementary diagnostic exams.