New Hospital da Luz Oeiras: More Quality, Safety and Clinical Differentiation

Hospital da Luz Oeiras is getting larger. And better equipped to provide higher quality service, differentiation and safety to all clients.

Hospital da Luz Oeiras has just opened a new area of healthcare, in a totality new building that will be exclusively dedicated to ambulatory activity. With 41 consultation rooms, 11 observation rooms, new treatment and clinical analysis rooms, and an area dedicated to administrative services, this new building of Hospital da Luz Oeiras presents a modern, hospitable and efficient architecture, which will offer an atmosphere of tranquillity, innovation and safety.

Integrated in the investment program launched by Luz Saúde for its major units in Lisbon area, in a total of 150 million Euros, Hospital da Luz Oeiras (HLO) renewal will increase significantly its ambulatory care capacity, remaining an inpatient care unit, and thus consolidating the hospital’s profile as wide-ranging healthcare provider.

Therefore, the purpose is to expand the range of healthcare provided and diversify Hospital da Luz Oeiras activity, offering its clients more quality and safety, as well as wider clinical differentiation.

Renewal of present building

Simultaneously to the conclusion of this first phase for the new Hospital da Luz Oeiras, works of renewal were initiated in the present building, which will involve an inpatient unit with 25 beds and a unit of examination and special techniques for different clinical specialties, besides the existing competencies (surgery, permanent medical assistance, imaging and consultations).

With this expansion of the Hospital space, expected to be concluded until November 2017, and the subsequent reorganization of services, Hospital da Luz Oeiras acquires new capacities in healthcare, assuming a more differentiated surgical capability and continuing to invest in the latest diagnosis and treatment technology, offering a wider range of ambulatory care, in terms of specialty consultations and in terms of permanent medical assistance.

  • New operating room, allowing recourse to different surgical techniques;
  • Imaging centre with new and more differentiated equipment – CAT and MRI, now also to approach cardiac diseases;
  • Reinforcement of gastroenterology exams, among other;
  • A new inpatient unit with 25 beds;
  • Permanent medical assistance expanded, in terms of space and schedule (from 8:00 a.m. to 24:00);
  • Surgical unit with 3 operating rooms;
  • 58 consultation rooms, 13 treatment rooms and 11 examination rooms;

This is the portrait of the new Hospital da Luz Oeiras, which will be fully operational until the end of 2017. Visit us!