Number of births grows by 15% at the Hospital da Luz

In 2014, the Hospital da Luz carried out more than 2,300 deliveries, the highest figure since the hospital first opened seven years ago. Numbers are up by around 15% on last year, and is far in excess of national birth rate trends.

In fact on a national level, the birth rate continues to fall every year. In 2014, November was the only month which saw a slight increase in the number of births over figures for the same month last year. However, this was not enough to invert the fall. 2014 could, however, be the first year since 2011 in which the drop in numbers was not as great.

In 2014, up to November, 76,000 babies had been born in Portugal, while at the same time in 2013, this figure had been exceeded by around 50 births.

However, at private hospitals, the number of births has continued to rise. In the first year of operations, the maternity department at the Hospital da Luz only 330 births were recorded. In the following year, this figure more than tripled and continued to increase reaching the record of 2,314 births in 2014.